About Us

Our Business is to Help Yours

The Founders of Petra IQ share the same vision: providing an unmatched caliber of customer service from inception of a project to close. The breadth of their backgrounds make way for a full-service feel of the services Petra IQ provides.


The CEO, Tim Mutton, graduated from the University of London and immediately began his career working as an analyst and researcher in the pipeline industry. Broad industry experience, a strong analytical focus, and leadership are among the greatest assets he brings to the company and our clients.

The COO, Marci Bertuzzi, started her career in the United States Marine Corps as a GIS Analyst shortly after 9/11. As a civilian she began working in the pipeline industry and rose quickly through the ranks to become a shareholder at her previous firm. She brings exceptional customer service, energy industry knowledge, and 'out of the box' thinking to this company.

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