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Data Strategists

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We believe that in order to get the true value from your data, it must be treated as an asset.

Data can be used as an information asset, strategic asset, capital asset, and a business asset.

In order for your data to be used in these ways, there must be a strategy in place to develop a roadmap based on your needs and your goals. That's where we come in.

Data Asset Management

Data is the most important asset an organization possesses. In 2020, every second accounted for 1.7MB of new data being created.


With the amount of new data being created every day, it is vital to the successful operations of each organization that data is managed effectively to reduce negative business, financial, and productivity impacts.

Enterprise Data Strategy Planning

PETRA IQ works with our clients to develop a strategy to manage critical data assets that increases utility to the organization while lowering risk. Our aim is to elevate our clients' awareness in how data assets are utilized and managed, and to drive certainty in decision making at all levels.

Data Governance

The goal of data governance is to make sure data is usable, accessible, and protected. The strategy is where PETRA IQ comes into play. We help you identify ways in which data is currently being used, identify what data is critical to your business, as well as how it can be improved and maintained.

Once these items are addressed, we help you create and implement new standards, policies, and procedures outlining the requirements to be followed by your organization.

Risk Mitigation

Risk Management is about identifying risk and designing strategies to mitigate those risks.

Our focus is on identifying your critical data assets, their association with risk, and designing an effective mitigation strategy.

Data Lifecycle Management

Effective data management includes identifying total lifecycle of the data. This includes the plan/design phase through retirement of the asset. Unfortunately, data is not given the same treatment as physical assets as it pertains to lifecycle management and this needs to change.

PETRA IQ has created innovative solutions for managing the life of the data asset.

Data Stewardship

Where data governance practices focus on documentation , data stewardship focuses ownership of the data.

PETRA IQ knows how to develop the people centric structures needed to implement data policy and provide guidance at every level from user to executive.

In order to create successful data management, the organization must create a culture for data management that includes:

  • Governance, Policies, & Procedures

  • Risk Identification & Assessment

  • Control Environment

  • Monitoring & Reporting

  • Quantification, Measurement, & Modeling

  • Risk Decision-Making

  • Incentivization of behaviors

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